1968 Born in Devon, England.
1986 Began to study photography.
1990 Completed BA(Hons) Degree in Photography (Harrow, University of Westminster). Awarded the Agfa Bursary for final project.
1989-90 Exhibited work in group shows in galleries around London.
1993 Moved to Vienna, Austria.
1993-98 Worked as photographer’s assistant in Vienna and Paris.
1998-2007 Studio manager to Austrian photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich.
2005 First book ‘Sinners & Saints’ published by te Neues.
2006 Gallery representation in Barcelona (MiTO Art Gallery).
2007-2012 Worked freelance.
Since 2012 Archive represented by MiTO in Barcelona.




1989 ‘Animal Magic’. Group exhibition at the Special Photographer’s Company, London (April-May).
1990 ‘Four Young Photographers’. Group exhibition at Visage, London (August).
2001 ‘Heads or Tales’. Solo exhibition at Löwenherz Berg, Vienna (October-November).
2003 ‘Man:Myth’. Solo exhibition at Motto, Vienna (October-November).
‘Sinners & Saints’. Solo exhibition at Galerie Simon Holpert Vienna (December).
2004 ‘The Human Tragedy’. Group exhibition at Galerie Simon Holpert, Vienna. Part of the International Month of Photography (November).
‘Sinners & Saints’. Solo exhibition at Selig, Munich (December).
2005 ‘Sinners & Saints’. Solo exhibition at Mate Gallery, Berlin (July).
‘Sinners & Saints’. Solo exhibition at ArtBits Gallery, Vienna (September-November).
‘Secret Matter:Life’. First large-scale exhibition about gay & lesbian life in Austria over the last hundred years. Neustifthalle, Vienna (November 2005-January 2006).
2006 ‘Mein Schwules Auge 3’. Group exhibition at the Schwules Museum, Berlin (March-May).
‘The Angelus and Other Stories’. Solo exhibition at the MiTO Gallery, Barcelona (May-June).
‘My Queer Eye’. Group exhibition at the Carmen de la Guerra Gallery, Madrid (June-September).
2006-7 ‘Cap-I-Cua’. Group show at the MiTO Gallery, Barcelona (December-January).
2007 ‘Paul Pichier – Das Negativwork’. Group exhibition at the Nestroyhof, Vienna (June-July).
2007-8 ‘The Fall’. Solo exhibition at the MiTO Gallery, Barcelona (November 2007-January 2008).
2008 ‘San Valentino nell’Arte Contemporanea Spagnola’. Group exhibition at the Museo Diocesano e Capitoare di Terni, Italy (February-March).
‘Loveball’. Group exhibition at the MiTO Gallery, Barcelona (August).
2009 ‘Anthony Gayton’. Solo exhibition at the Galerie Frédéric Got, Paris (February).
‘The Portrait. Photography as Stage. From Robert Mapplethorpe to Nan Goldin’. Group exhibition at the KunsthalleWien, Vienna (July-October).
‘Behold The Man’. Solo exhibition at MiTO Gallery, Barcelona (November 2009-January 2010).
2010 ‘De Pictura – En Defensa De La Belleza’. Group exhibition at Espai Metropolità d’Art de Torrent, Valencia, Spain (February-April).
2015 ‘Photography is the Medium of Desire’. Group exhibition at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York (December 2015-March 2016).


ArteLisboa, Portugal 2007
Art Madrid, Spain 2007 / 2008
SWAB Barcelona, Spain May 2008
Scope London, UK October 2008
Scope Basel, Switzerland June 2009
Arte Santander, Spain July 2009
Berliner Liste, Germany September 2009


‘Sunshine Airlines’. ORF Austria. August 2005
‘Kultur Tip’. ORF Austria. September 2005
‘Continuara’.  TVE Spain. May 2006
‘Continuara’.  TVE Spain. January 2008
‘Tendencias’ Spain. February 2010


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