“Gayton quite deliberately presents not only iconographic characters from the history of art and mythology, but plays with the form of appearance of photography itself. Irony and a love of detail add to the appeal of these images. Furthermore an increased interest in the fantastic and narrative is evident. For Gayton, photography offers the opportunity to dream the dream of eternal youth, beauty and desire.” Peter Weiermair


“A master in the mise-en-scène manipulation, he accomplishes any aesthetic, typological or stylistic results he wishes..” Natasha Christia


“Gayton’s…work is interesting from a number of different points of view. It is an example of the way in which photography is now challenging, and even regularly surpassing, more traditional media as a vehicle for serious moral and psychological messages. At the same time, it demonstrates how the colour photograph, with its mastery of detail and now its mastery of hue and tone, is increasingly attracted to the aesthetic values of late 19th century painting.” Edward Lucie-Smith


The Harem