The Collector

The Collector


There was a rich merchant from Parma

A travelled and devilish charmer

His passion was stealing

Youth, strong and appealing

No matter if bellboy or farmer


He fed them on fine wine and cheese

Promised cash if they fell to their knees

Knowing boys without wealth

In the prime of their health

Are usually eager to please


To one wish they all changed their tone

From his mouth they would wriggle and groan

But their cries of dismay

Simply faded away

As a single kiss turned them to stone


There was a rich man whose collection

Of sculpture was classic perfection

A consumate showman

With taste Greco-Roman

For Pompeian marble erections.


Originally published in exhibition catalogue ‘Photography is the Medium of Desire: An International Anthology of Photography and Video’ Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art 2015.

Photography is the Medium of Desire catalogue 2015