The Angelus

I) AIR Once, upon the eiderdown, Lillian devised a curious plan ‘I will invent myself,’ she declared ‘the Perfect Man.’ On a clear day she experimented with gravity, hanging Out the window upside-down, wishing to free-fall into blue nothing Air,

Falling Awake

All his adult life, James had had two recurring dreams. The first was of his castle, though it was almost never the same twice. Once, he had entered through iron gates, past the graveyard in the center of a town

Jude's Kiss

John and Jude were like brothers; their relationship was simply the result of the bonding induced by age and proximity. Being next-door neighbours with less than a year between them, their friendship pre-dated school, memory even, and, as sometimes with

Behold The Man

i) Barnaby practically lived in the library Studying physics, astrology, chemistry Looking to logically unravel mysteries Locked inside his heart.   ii) Flicking through books on disease and dissection He dwelt on the pictures of manly perfection Until he was

Mid-Life Crisis

  ‘Mid-Life Crisis’ story originally published in ‘Anthony Gayton – Behold the Man’, exhibition catalogue by MiTO, Spain.  

Virtually Yours

VIRTUALLY YOURS A Prayer for the Web Generation (with apologies to Shakespeare). I have of late become quite sad Spurn every form of exercise How sterile, life without a lad With fire in his eyes. What piece of work is